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Pillow Case Canva Personalized Clipart


Custom Personalized Family Portrait | Digital Family Clipart | Print on pillowcase | Custom Skin Tone, Hair & Color T-Shirt Options |
We can create your family portrait, mom and daughter, best friends together, 100% polyester canvas
Send us the descriptions of the person you want to create: type, long hair, collected, color and skin tone.
We'll work our magic and then we'll check it out with you.
We'll send you a mockup of the final article so you can click "OK" before printing.
Feel free to contact us beforehand.

This listing is for us to create an image.
You can choose between the following formats for your final product:

* Mug - Photo and your choice of wording on the back
* Mouse Pad
* Pillowcase 40x40 cm

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